Electric bass player Owe Almgren has for many years been involved in developing and renewing the electric bass in improvisational music. His exploration can be heard in his solo projects "basically low key" (2007), "I Owe You Listeners My Music" (2015) and in the current "Vancouver" (2021). 
 - When I started to play the bass I allways practised without an amp, so it became natural for me to listen to the acoustic sound of my bass. This sound is however very hard to hear when you play live in a band, but when you record you can catch this sound with a microphone in front of your bass.  My passion for my instrument over the years has led me into an journey where I wanted to go deeper in the possibilities that my four/stringed electric bass gives me. What sounds can it make just using my fingers as I was an accoustic classical guitar player? And how to capture these sounds when I record and play live? This has been a work in progress in collaboration with former E.S.T. audio engineer Åke Linton. I want to become as personal as possible, and to be honest, unique when it comes to melodic, harmonic and rhythmical expression and especially when it comes to my bass sound.
As a musician and composer I feel very humble towards tradition. But I have always had an urge to find my own musical path, to stay true to myself and my inner voice, in every sense of the process of making music, finding my own sound and the way I relate to melody and rhythm.

Known as a dynamic, groovy electric bass player and a virtuoso improviser, active in Sweden and internationally since the 1990s, he can be heard with, among others, Martina & Owe Almgren Quartet, MOZ Trio with London jazz pianist Zoe Rahman, Owe Almgren Jazz Trio, barT feat Jim Beard, biorn quartet and Bohuslän Big Band plays Zappa.
Owe Almgren lives in Göteborg on the Swedish westcoast. He got his musical education at the Academy of Music between 1989 - 1994 and has since then been working as a bass player, composer, arranger and educator.

For further contact and information visit Oh Yeah Records or send a mail to bas.owe@gmail.com